Below are some events happening in and around the Greater Cleveland Area or Metropolis that may be of interest:


  • March 24 - 25 ~ Feast of Annunciation at Annunciation Cleveland (details...)
  • March 25 ~ Greek Independence Day Parade at Annunciation Cleveland (details...)
  • March 25 ~ "Greece Year Zero" film at Canton Palace Theatre (more information...)
  • March 25 ~ Greek Night at Pittsburgh Opera "Turnadot" (details...)



  • April 20 ~ Orthodoxy on Tap (details...)
  • April 21 ~ Laugh Out Loud with Basile, Again! at St. Nicholas Lorain (details...)
  • April 22 ~ Greek Language Festival at St. Nicholas Cathedral, Pittsburgh (details...)
  • April 22 ~ St. Photios Awards Dinner (details...)
  • April 29 ~ Greek Pontian Dance at Annunciation Cleveland (details...)


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