Mission Statement

To promote charitable, benevolent, and philanthropic causes by helping the poor, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed and the orphaned. 
Philoptochos also assists those in need with medical bills, rent, utilities, burials, children’s medical needs, natural disasters, and so much more.

Where there is a need, Philoptochos stands ready to help.  
Philoptochos is the right hand of the church, an army of agape, that conquers pain and anguish through generosity and kindness.  
A model of cooperation in the Greek Orthodox Church of America that exemplifies “alone we can do little, but together we can do so much.”

This group of volunteers supports outreach programs in the Archdiocese, Metropolis, and local parish. Its volunteers form an active part of life in the local community and have individually and collectively been strong supporters of the church throughout the years.

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  Membership (learn more...)

Please consider joining Philoptochos, either for the first time, or by renewing your membership.  Your participation in any capacity is vital to the ongoing mission of our organization.  

As in all organizations, per capita or stewardship contributions are an obligation to assist in balancing the parent organization's budget.  Each local chapter must set aside per capita contributions per the structure of Philoptochos to the National and Metropolis Chapters.  

These are our obligations:

  1. $15.00 per member to the National Office – headquartered in New York  
  2. $10.00 per member to the Metropolis Office – located in Pittsburgh
  3. $___________ any amount given beyond $25.00 will go to support our St. Paul North Royalton Chapter

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First $25 of Membership goes to National ($15) Metropolis ($10)
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