Endowment Fund

In 2022, with the sale of two rental properties owned by Parish, the St. Paul Endowment Fund was created. At the June 5, 2022, Parish Assembly, an Endowment Fund Charter was presented and approved and this document established the guiding principles, governance, investment policy, and other important administrative elements of the Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund is meant as a supplemental fund to invest and earn interest and dividends that can then be provided to the church on an annual basis, while the principal funds stay invested earning money for the future needs of the parish.

Endowment Fund Mission

The Endowment Fund of St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church aims to provide for the long-term financial support of the Parish, its religious, educational, charitable, and cultural, needs, and stability of the Parish’s programs, ministries, and missions consistent with the Holy Scriptures and the Orthodox Christian Tradition, to witness to the Orthodox Faith, and to serve others.


A gift to the Endowment Fund provides the opportunity for you to continue your legacy support of our beloved St. Paul Community. Some ways you can give to the Endowment Fund are

These - and several other - options for estate planning offer you the opportunities to continue your legacy support of St Paul. For additional questions, please contact [email protected] and a member of the Board will respond. Please remember to consult an estate planner, financial planner, attorney, or other professional to write your estate plan.




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